• Parents do not let your children go unsupervised, bounce balls in hallways, or run on the track.  Thank you for your help!
  • Do not print schedules as they are subject to change
  • Check the All Ball app for updated league standings

Utah Bantam - The best competitive youth basketball

Embracing Diversity, Ensuring Competitive Balance

Inclusive for Boys and Girls (4th - 8th Grade)

Multiple Divisions Per Grade

Play against well-matched opponents and develop your game, regardless of your current skill.

We’ve hosted basketball tournaments for over 17 years!

  • Over 150,000 games played!
  • Over 160,000 participants!

Making a difference in our communities

Fundraising for local high school programs

  • Utah Bantam has helped raise $3.5 million+ for local high school programs since 2009.

Manage your Bantam schedule

Game Schedules are Automatically added to your team’s schedule in the All Ball – Sports Management App. Add your practices to keep your entire schedule in one place

League Standings.

Stay informed with real-time league standings. Get the latest updates on participating teams in our basketball leagues and tournaments. Track rankings, win-loss records, and points differentials to stay on top of the competition.

Stat Tracking

Print this score sheet and bring a copy to all games in case of technology problems.

Team Communication

Live stream

  • One fan can record and stream the game and everyone will have access to it, both live and post game.  Fans that can’t make the game in person can now watch remotely.  
  • All recordings are hosted in the All Ball cloud so you can KEEP YOUR STORAGE! 


  • Access a library of team photos, videos, and shared content. 
  • Celebrate team moments, memories and foster a sense of belonging.
  • All team members can post pictures and highlight reels.

Automated Highlight Reels

Team Play Library

Team Roster

Know who’s on your team, what they look like, and who their parents are

Team Leaderboards

White Board

Play Log